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Build a Cultural Mindset
for Peak Performance

We are Level Three Performance Solutions

Level Three works with organizations through their leaders to craft quantum level performance improvement at every level in the enterprise. Our approach is simple: when leaders help their associates attain more of their potential, the organization prospers. We give leaders insight into the impact they create and the culture that they foster and help them align themselves to improve mindsets, enhance impact and improve organizational habits and behaviors.

How do we do it?
We ask questions - we listen - we assess.

We help leaders see beyond their blind spots, creating heightened awareness and visibility. When this is aligned among the members it is easier to engage the entire enterprise and register improved performance.

Are you trying to reach the next level? Schedule a Free Level Set Consultation. We’ll look at your challenges, goals and efforts and the discuss how we can help.

James D. Johnson
Founder & Managing Partner

p: 775.828.6161
e: jjohnson@L3PS.com

Have you ever been frustrated that the plans you have laid out don’t get executed well by your team?  Have you, a friend or a colleague ever had a boss or a workplace environment that was discouraging and demotivating? Jim and his team work with the bosses (and their bosses, if they have them) to discover the changes necessary that help them and their people perform better, improve results and gain greater satisfaction in their work.

Jim is the founder and managing partner of Level Three Performance Solutions and is a 30+ year industry veteran with vast experience in the fields of organizational leadership, strategy, change management and cultural improvement. Jim is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University with a concentration in Social & Behavioral Sciences and is passionate about helping leaders better understand how they can champion positive change in their organizations.

Jim resides in Reno, Nevada and when he’s not spending time with his wife and son, you will find him on a lacrosse field – often in stripes – giving back to the game.

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