Family Business 101 #8
Keep the Family Drama at Home

We have all heard the tales of awkward holiday dinners caused by bad feelings among family members. Still, people can usually hold their nose to endure one afternoon and evening. But what if those same family members had to meet again, day after day, running a business?...


2022 The Year of the Employee

The last time I looked for a job, it was in the 1990’s. In spite of that, LinkedIn pushes job openings at me at a furious clip. The fact that I am well over 50 doesn’t seem to matter at all even though for years, being an older worker received little consideration in the DEI mix...


2021 Retrospective
The Power of Human Connection

Reading the business blogs these days, it has been difficult to avoid the word burnout. Times of uncertainty tax our systems. It’s a little like being outside in the cold without a coat. As the temperature goes down, we must use more of our energy to maintain ourselves properly...

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A man is an altruist, a donor who gives a piece of himself, sacrificing himself to the person who needs it. Conceptual scene of altruism, donor, volunteerism

The High Cost of a Toxic Culture

Toxic Cultures Eventually Destroy Performance and Productivity Toxic Employees are often High Performing Eliminating Toxic Behavior is More Important than Developing Higher Performers ‘X’ company is proud of “telling it…