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Build a Cultural Mindset
for Peak Performance

Reaching the next level by better understanding your culture and behavior. Are your ready to grow?


Most organizations understand vision and strategy – where they are going and what they need to get there.


Enhanced organizations recognize culture considerations – the way things are done can promote productivity.


Enlightened organizations zero in on their purpose – crystallizing why they are doing what they do.

We seek organizational leaders who want to transform their organization and attain that third level, fostering measurably higher productivity and greater engagement.

Are you trying to reach the next level? Schedule a Free Level Set Consultation. We’ll look at your challenges, goals and efforts and the discuss how we can help.

Case Studies

Organizations are unique… enlightened ones zero in on their purpose and take action.

Level 1
to Level 2

Start-Up Manufacturing

  • Guidance from formation of leadership team to startup and growth phases to mature operation.
  • Production moved from underperforming to overperforming in a 2-year window; doubling manufacturing capacity.
  • Established Mission, Vision, Values. Culture moved from average to above average within 2 years.

Level 2
to Level 3

Established Sales & Manufacturing

  • Guidance throughout reinvention and complete transformation of old line sales and manufacturing organization.
  • Tripled revenues in a 3-year window while transforming into a thought leader in its industry.
  • Established Mission, Vision, Values. Culture moved from above average to being awarded 2019 Crain’s Chicago Business Top 100 Best Places to Work.

Level 1
to Level 3

State-Run Organization

  • Guidance from formation of leadership team to reinvention and growth phases to leadership position.
  • Transformed itself from the least competitive for labor in its 6 state region to winning the most awards for innovation and performance in a year within the history of the awarding organization.
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