Vulnerability:  The Gateway to Trust

Trust is vital in high performance teams. Ask any leader and what they prize as the key intangible and the answer most often will be trust. Why? Trust promotes “flow,” that quality in which members are freed to perform in a focused, engaged fashion.


Plugging the Holes in the Dike

Someone once said that the prospect of a firing squad concentrates the mind considerably. Employers have discovered how true that statement can be as they have faced the alarming reality that over 33 million Americans quit their jobs in 2021...


No-Cost/Low-Cost Employee Appreciation

Attracting talent is expensive; replacing talent costs far more. There are those who emphasize increasing pay and it’s true, people often leave for more money elsewhere. Nevertheless, people are often reluctant to move and only do so when their needs are not adequately met...


The Cost of Avoiding Loss at All Cost

The Cost of Avoiding Loss at All Cost Loss aversion stymies progress in organizations. It acts as a drag on innovation, growth, retention, talent attraction and profitability. It stems from the notion that avoiding loss is more important than any of these qualities. Therefore, it suggests that the existing available outcomes can only be reduced by loss and no gain is possible...

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Lacrosse Goal

Leadership Lessons from a 15 Year Old

Who is the least powerful person in an organization?  Would you think me crazy to say the senior leader?  Given most organizations’ complexity, would it be safe to say that…


Growth vs. Fixed Mindset – Why It Matters at Work

A reporter asked me the other day about the impact of a growth vs fixed mindset at work. She wanted to know: What do you wish all teams knew about cultivating a growth mindset? What are some key differences between a growth and fixed mindset at work, and why are they important? ...


Family Business 101 #8
Keep the Family Drama at Home

We have all heard the tales of awkward holiday dinners caused by bad feelings among family members. Still, people can usually hold their nose to endure one afternoon and evening. But what if those same family members had to meet again, day after day, running a business?...