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We help forward-thinking business leaders, C level executives and entrepreneurs deliver on the promise of human-centered businesses. Use a wholistic under-standing of the Earth,  Man and Cosmos, to harness and work with your vision of the future, delivering valuable, sustainable business and social results.


At the foundation of our work is an interrelated set of values by which we believe successful business/organization change must proceed:

The meaning of the name, Level Three Performance Solutions, stems from ancient philosophies of the modes of consciousness that humans experience, progress through, and operate from. Any enterprise with a purpose of providing something of real value to each of its stakeholder groups must be led by, and comprised of, people with the capacity to think, behave, and take action “purposefully.” This means that people can maintain a personal “state” that is beyond the level of reactivity and immediate personal gratification (Level One), at which any intention of providing benefits from their work to their stakeholders shrinks from view.

Further, this means that everyone can incorporate but also transcend, when required, their natural ego state in which work and creativity are expressed solely as manifestations of one’s own aims for personal expression, growth and development (Level Two).

At Level Three, a person finds fulfillment in working to provide what is needed to others—customers, co-workers, owners, and community (Level Three). It is only when we are in this state or level of valuing that we can consistently carry out worthy intentions, be adaptable to change, and generate the creativity needed to see and carry out innovations, improvements, and other changes that will be of benefit to all stakeholders.

Level Three goes beyond these other levels (Level Four) but includes them in the sense that our own lower level needs and ego aspirations can be maintained and satisfied through our work for the benefit of all.

Businesses and other enterprises can learn to lead, manage, and operate at Level Three intentionality, and systems for maintaining and sustaining that capability can be designed into the way people and processes are led and managed. When this capability is built into the organization as an enabler of change, the levels of intentionality, adaptability, and creativity that are visible in any change process increase dramatically, and success is best ensured.

To us, the name Level Three Performance Solutions symbolizes the manifestation of our philosophy into an integrated approach and technology for building purposeful—and very successful—businesses.