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Finding creative solutions to complex challenges has been a hallmark of Jim Johnson’s career.  He is always finding ways to help others break through the apparent logjam that holds back value creation.


Jim Johnson has a long track record of successfully managing complex projects and providing creative solutions. He helped transform winter ski areas into year round attractions in marketing leadership positions in Colorado and California resorts.In fiercely competitive markets, his teams consistently added shareholder value, increasing revenues while trimming expenses through innovative strategic alliances and partnerships.

In the 90’s Jim’s skills were widely called upon as he helped spearhead a landmark capital campaign for the University of Nevada.  The campaign easily exceeded its landmark goal of $105 million, generating over $124 million for higher education and world-class research in Nevada.

In 1990, Jim embarked on a leadership development practice dedicated to helping organizations increase profitability and achieve long-term performance growth by improving the leadership talent within an operation.   During his 14 years of helping leaders discover solutions, he has consistently added value for his clients worldwide.

 “The solutions here and in Europe were challenging but successful,” said Johnson.  “The missing link has always been to arm leaders with the tools to help make the needed changes measurable, meaningful and lasting while causing the necessary internal discoveries to use them well.”

 He was granted a Bachelors Degree from The Johns-Hopkins University in 1973.

Jim lives in Reno, NV with his wife, La Vonne and sons James & Patrick.

Nothing is more exciting and fulfilling than working with people and organizations to help them discover how they can achieve goals they thought were beyond their reach.”