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The University of Michigan, Health Management Research Center, in Ann Arbor, MI is the acknowledged leader nationally in Health Risk Appraisals (HRA) with several million patients assessed over the last twenty (20) years. The HMRC works with a number of America’s largest corporations and organization. Their HRA ia integral to Well[Med™’s evidence-based, wellness-driven comprehensive medicine as described in A New Approach to Ambulatory Health Care™.

Well[Med™ provides its patients, business customers, strategic partners and others with important evidence about the medical quality improvements and cost reductions obtained with its clinical and business methods and technology. This information is based in part on information provided by HMRC which has been transformed to remove all personal references so it is absolutely confidential. Your employer or physician will give you specific instructions about how to access your Health Risk Appraisal. Or you can use the links we are provising below.

Select a highlighted  are below to see a demo appraisal document or visit the MRC.
     VISIT THE HMRC website.


Well[Med™ provides its customers with confidential access to the Health Risk Appraisal (“HRA”) instrument developed at the University of Michigan, Health Management Research Center (“HMRC”) in Ann Arbor, MI. All personal information of the customer is confidential subject to release under separate authorizations for use by the customer or their physicians and meidcal providers. Customers who use this portal to access the Health Risk Appraisal expressly authorize the HMRC to include abstractions or other reductions of information with all personal references suppressed on a non-exclusive basis for inclusion in reports and information provided by HMRC to  Well[Med™ .