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We help forward-thinking business leaders, C level executives and entrepreneurs deliver on the promise of human-centered businesses. Use a wholistic under-standing of the Earth,  Man and Cosmos, to harness and work with your vision of the future, delivering valuable, sustainable business and social results.


In 2005 a group of knowledgeable executives with entrepreneurial and leadership experience set out to consciously bring about changes in health care , insurance and financial services in the US through innovation and creative destruction.  Their efforts are The Well[Med™ Companies. The founders are Brad Day, Craig DeForest, Jim Johnson, Michael Lanier, Bill McCormick, Jason Mitchell, M.D., and Lee Smith. More information on the founders is available below or by contacting Well[Med™ directly. We owe a debt of gratitude to our late colleague Terry Dunn who aspired to bring about change in the world and was the catalyst for change who introduced several us.

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